Country Wedding Invitations

Get 40% OFF more than 360 rustic country wedding invitations when order 100+ invitations. More discounts are available.

There are so many great options available when you start looking for country wedding invitations, and lots of selection is a good thing. You can easily style your complete set of wedding invitations when you choose from the options here. In fact, choosing one of the invitations you see on this page is an excellent way for you to get an incredible wedding invitation and save. And we all love to save!

And when we say save we mean it. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get great savings when you order here, discounts begin on orders of 25 and up. And for those really large weddings you can get 40% off your invitations when you order a hundred or more of these country themed wedding invites. But the savings doesn’t stop there, you can get plenty of discounts on the related paper products that make the set complete. Just check the quantity you need and see your savings applied automatically. Note that not all of the paper products are eligible for the same savings. The 40% discount is primarily for invitations, here is a list of discounts you can make use of:

  • 25+ Invitations / 15% Discount
  • 50+ Invitations / 25% Discount
  • 100+ Invitations / 40% Discount
Discount Calculator

Use this handy calculator to see if you will save more by ordering more* country wedding invitations.


* What does this mean? Simply put, it means you stand a chance to spend less when you order more. Let’s look at an average order of invitations for a country wedding. Here are two different invitation orders.

  • 49 Country wedding invitations for $2.00 per invitation. This order would be eligable for the first tier discount. That means you would save 15% on your invitations. And now for a little math…
    • (49 × $2.00) – 15% your discount = Price after discount $83.30
  • Now lets make the same order again, but this time with 50 country invitations and claim the 25% off discount.
    • (50 × $2.00) – 25% your discount = Price after discount $75.00

As you can see by ordering one additional invitation you’ve saved $8.30 on your invitations. So try the calculator and see how much your can save for your country wedding.